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Me and my friend Nitesh used to play HQ Trivia, Loco and Miraggio Spa Thermal Online Book Resort Chalkidiki which are live trivia game show application which asks several questions and give cash prize to the winners. Every question have 3 options with one correct answer. In order to be in the game you have to answer the question within 10 seconds.

This article tells you how to hack such applications and win the cash prize. We have built an android app named “TriviaHack” which reads the question and it’s answer choices and helps you to answer the question by searching on Google Chrome. This is how the app works. The app reads the question using it’s UNIQUE ID, an ID assigned to all the texts of an app. Then the app searches the question on Google Chrome.

Unique ID

Below are the unique IDs of question and answer choices.


The unique ID of question is question and that of answer 1 to 3 is answer


The unique ID of question is question and that of answer 1 to 3 is answer


The unique ID of question is text_question , of answer 1 is button_option1 of answer 2 is button_option2 and of answer 3 is button_option3

Once you the unique ID, you can get the text and use it as you want. Here we will search the text i.e. question on Google Chrome.

How to use the TriviaHack

Here are the steps you need to follow to use TriviaHack to give the correct answer to any question.

A) Allow accessibility permission to TriviaHack.

B) Whenever the question comes on screen, click on TH circular button.

18 Or Age 21

C) You will see the question in Google Chrome search field.

D) Speed read the search results and look for possible clues to select the correct answer.

E) Select the correct answer choice in trivia game show app.

18 Or Age 21

F) You are done.

G) Repeat steps 1 to 5 for all the other questions.

The Source Code of the app can be found here.

You can also download the APK.

How They Can Prevent It

Here is how these apps can prevent such attacks.

Every View in android has a field android:importantForAccessibility=”no” If this is present then accessibility will not be able to read the text written in that View.

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